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How do I get past escorting Tequila to the security door (in Marine campaign)?

During the Marine campaign when you have to escort Tequila to the security door, how do you get her to unlock the door? I've watched a video walk through and it shows that she is supposed to unlock the door but she never does unlock the door every time I try it. Is there a trick to it or something?


jwing789 answered:

You need to kill all of the Aliens before she will unlock the door. Walk around and look for them hiding on the walls.
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wugeezy answered:

I had the same problem as well. Sadly, I think it has to do with clearing all the aliens. It seems that this part is glitchy in that all the aliens don't come out. There must be a lone alien stuck on a wall or something that wont move. Kill it, and she should open the door. I had to restart this checkpoint a few times before I figured it out.
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Dr_HAX answered:

Sometimes the enemies won't come out until you hit a trip wire (in other words: an invisable object that times the NPCs, objects, etc. to pop out at the right times). Or your disk might be scratched.
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asdfghjklas answered:

There should be 1 facehugger on the floor crawling towards u. Watch ur motion sensor and watch out for it.
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