Additional AnimationSimon Bean
Additional AnimationAlessio Nitti
Additional ArtDan Baker
Additional ArtBen Blethyn
Additional ArtKris Hammes
Additional ArtDuncan Nimmo
Additional ArtMike Tse
Additional ArtDarren Watford
Additional ArtChris Williams
Additional DesignMike Bithell
Additional DesignAdam Breeden
Additional DesignMark Digger
Additional DesignTerry Greer
Additional DesignBob Hands
Additional DesignAnya Massey
Additional DesignMichael Rogers
Additional DesignKory Vandenberg
Additional DesignMark Witts
Additional ProgrammingDan Hall
Additional ProgrammingMartin D. Johnson
Additional ProgrammingAndy Keeble
Animation ManagerBen Rackham
AnimatorAlan Barber
AnimatorEoin Loughrey
AnimatorNick Rodgers
AnimatorMichael Ryan
AnimatorColin Smyth
AnimatorPeter Whiting
Art ManagerIan Pestridge
Assistant Art ManagerDan Calvert
Assistant Art ManagerDarren Nourish
Assistant Design Manager and StoryBen Fisher
Assistant Project ManagerVicky Page
Assistant Technical ManagerMatt Hampton
Assistant Technical ManagerDave Knight
AudioTodd Baker
AudioPete Ward
Audio LeadRichard Blackley
Audio LeadEd Hargrave
Audio Manager and Original ScoreMatt Black
Casting SupervisorGreg Crescimanno
Character ArtistGary Cox
Character ArtistSimon Ible
Character ArtistJose Lazaro
Character ArtistSoo-Ling Lyle
Character ArtistSteve Walker
Combat DesignerLee Roberts
Combat Programmer and DLC LeadAndrew Shenton
Concept ArtistBob Cheshire
Concept ArtistMartin Johnson
Creative Director and ScreenplayNick Dixon
Design ManagerNick Adams
Environment ArtistShakeel Alli
Environment ArtistAnnika Bernhoff
Environment ArtistChris Brooker
Environment ArtistMatthew Harwood
Environment ArtistFermin Hernandez
Environment ArtistPawel Pluta
Environment ArtistMarcel Simons
Lead AI ProgrammerNeil Armstrong
Level DesignerMichael Chapman
Level DesignerDave Fewtrell
Level DesignerScott Fitzgerald
Level DesignerRoss Gowing
Level DesignerAlex Johnson
Level DesignerJon Law
Level DesignerJay Molloy
Level DesignerMark Neesam
Level DesignerLynsey Rigby-Graham
Level DesignerPeter Theophilus
Level DesignerLance Winter
Motion Capture Talent: GAC Gun RetentionDunn
Motion Capture Talent: InnessTom Clarke-Hill
Motion Capture Talent: Jack SlateEsteban Cueto
Motion Capture Talent: Jack SlateTony Morley
Motion Capture Talent: Misc Disarmed EnemiesMitch Boyer
Motion Capture Talent: PreachermanAko Katoh
Motion Capture Talent: RedwaterTom Clarke-Hill
Motion Capture Talent: Redwater JeremyRay Dionaldo
Motion Capture Talent: TsengSifu Timas Fuhr
Motion Capture Talent: Wing ChunBen Rackham
Motion Capture Talent: Wing ChunSteve Stopps
ProgrammerJulian Alden-Salter
ProgrammerSteve Bond
ProgrammerRussell Callaghan
ProgrammerEdward Catchpole
ProgrammerDuncan Fewkes
ProgrammerJim Fingleton
ProgrammerNigel Higgs
ProgrammerGary Lightfoot
ProgrammerTiago Rodrigues
ProgrammerDavid Waby
Project DirectorImre Jele
Project ManagerPolly Waddilove
Recording Engineer/Dialogue EditorJ. David Atherton
Recording Engineer/Dialogue EditorNicholas Monks
Senior Outsource CoordinatorAlison Rackham
Session CoordinatorPhilip Bache
Session CoordinatorStephen Leonard
Session CoordinatorJeff Parker
SFX ArtistKatharina Juraschek
StuntsMitch Boyer
StuntsEstaban Cueto
StuntsRay Dionaldo
StuntsJeremy Dunn
StuntsThomas Fuhr
StuntsBen Rackham
StuntsSteve Stopps
Technical ManagerTony Povey
Voice DirectorWes Gleason
Voice ProducerTimothy Cubbison
Voice: BrawlersChopper Bernet
Voice: BrawlersRodger Bumpass
Voice: BrawlersRobert Clotworthy
Voice: BrawlersPaul Eiding
Voice: BrawlersCaleb Moo
Voice: BrawlersRick Pasqualone
Voice: BrawlersAndre Sogliuzzo
Voice: CivilianAndre Sogliuzzo
Voice: CopsRodger Bumpass
Voice: CopsRick Pasqualone
Voice: CopsAndre Sogliuzzo
Voice: EMTRoger Craig Smith
Voice: FaithKimberly Brooks
Voice: Female HostageBrenda Marie Phillips
Voice: FrankPaul Eiding
Voice: GACCaleb Moody
Voice: GACRick Pasqualone
Voice: GACFred Tatasciore
Voice: GAC AnnouncerCatero Colbert
Voice: GAC CommanderRick Pasqualone
Voice: GAC CommanderFred Tatasciore
Voice: GAC SniperPaul Eiding
Voice: InnessRobert Clotworthy
Voice: Jack SlatePeter Giles
Voice: Marla BalesCourtenay Taylor
Voice: MedicJosh Robert Thompson
Voice: OfficerChopper Bernet
Voice: OperatorJosh Robert Thompson
Voice: PreachermanCatero Colbert
Voice: RedwaterRodger Bumpass
Voice: RiggsChopper Bernet
Voice: Security GuardsChopper Bernet
Voice: Security GuardsBrenda Marie Phillips
Voice: Security GuardsDebra Skelton
Voice: Security GuardsJosh Robert Thompson
Voice: Security GuardsRobert Wu
Voice: SwatFred Tatasciore
Voice: TempleRoger Craig Smith
Voice: Temple GuardsSteven Jay Blum
Voice: Temple GuardsRick Pasqualone
Voice: TriadSteven Jay Blum
Voice: TriadCaleb Moody
Voice: TriadJeff Parker
Voice: TriadRobert Wu
Voice: TsengMatthew Yang King
Voice: UnionAndre Sogliuzzo
Voice: UnionJosh Robert Thompson
Writing TeamAndrew Black
Writing TeamMichael Daley
Writing TeamVivian Lee
Writing TeamScott Mcculloch


Data and credits for this game contributed by BGoldTLE, trave, and oliist.

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