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How do i get the golden revolver?

See title.

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LobstaMobsta answered:

First, unlock the "super slot machine" by getting all Abilities and Emotes, as well as all "personality"-type Noms de Guerre. At that point the cost per spin will jump from 2,000 to 10,000 but you will get a character part or weapon each time, with a higher chance to get rare weapons, like the gold revolver.
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KefkaticFanatic answered:

You find it in the lottery.
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Exadis00 answered:

As KefkaticFanatic said, it's obtained through the slot machine.

However, it seems that you can only get it after you have all Abilities, Emotes, and most of the Names of War.
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_CaptainPrice_ answered:

Like they said - In the slot machine after unlocking everything else.
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