Question from Riddomaru2040

About two player offline?

Can the second player use a customizable character along with player 1?

Onienigma asked for clarification:

I was about to post a similar question.
I did beat the game, allowing my custom but for my girlfriend to play I need to unlock the femme fatales in campaign. But player 2 could not customize under her file which has not beaten story mode.
I'm going to go through it on her file, but if anyone knows whether it is pointless let me know.

Riddomaru2040 provided additional details:

So, we beat the games with the two sessions, how can my friend play with is custom character in my session?, is there is a trick to do?

Accepted Answer

Zegma310 answered:

System link = yes
Split-screen = no
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ArmoredGenuis answered:

From my knowledge I don't think you can play two player offline, If so they would not be allowed to customize.
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Dagon_Cain answered:

Each player has to finish the game before they can play campaign with their customized character.
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Aid170 answered:

Dagon_cain is correct also player two doesn't gain EXP for leveling.
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