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I unlocked the AS-KRI and the Grand Pinger?

I unlocked the AS-KRI and Grand Pinger on my first playthrough, but didn't have the cash to get them. So I restarted a playthrough, and they're locked again. Any advice?

Mad_Kowz provided additional details:

Yeah...I started a new playthrough...

Mad_Kowz provided additional details:

Well, unlocking the guns requires finding the parts. (Something the game never mentions. They make you think they're in the crates.) And from rescuing hostages, and making moral (Or usually immoral) decisions. The AS-KR1 and Grand Pinger are supposed to be unlocked with an Army of Two original save.

darren1 asked for clarification:

What glitch caused you to loose all weapons? Where is it, so I can avoid it????

Mad_Kowz provided additional details:

I restarted a game in the same save slot without purchasing the two guns, but they became locked when I restarted.

vGABRIELv asked for clarification:

YEP would be nice to miss that GLITCH...little help there Master Ala

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slipknotvamp answered:

i was wondering the same thing i beat it on contractor and i didnt get 5 final guns (i didnt unlock the as-kri or the grand pinger at all) and quiet a few attachments....and really contractor wasnt that hard besides the armored grenaders and flamethrowers and u cant forget the stupid AI as ur partner either but compared to the first one it was a breeze
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zbart19 answered:

My guess is to stay on the playthrough which you unlocked the as-kri and grand pinger and select different chapters on that playthrough and do the chapters over again to get money by doing the missions. That's what I'd do. I just started chapter 5 on my first playthrough..playing contractor, its freakin tough man.
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MasterAla answered:

You have to have a save from the original Army of Two according to most reports, however there is a glitch where the game will forcibly reset you and take EVERYTHING away. I happened to lose all of my guns, cash, and access to those weapons through this glitch

I do not know if there is any other way of unlocking them however
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