Question from HazyMoon123

Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find Scrapped Bazooka EX?

I need more Rail Sub-Barrel for my guns. Where can I find Scrapped Bazooka EX?

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You can find Scrapped Bazooka EX from Demolition Walker in Aetersyl on level 1.

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Is there anyplace else? I tried it several times with the lucky charm equipped, several bonus shots and several smackdowns and didnt get even one! I beat about 8 demolition walkers this way and didnt get any. Is there a secret? I even used the mg almost fully charged during a bonus hit, knocked a ton of things out of him and none was the EX. I got one the entire game so far and need more.

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Never mind I just read that I have to destroy the bazooka before I can get it. But I'm sure I did that a lot of times. I will try again before I go into Neverland.

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