Question from dacosmiccamel

How do you skip your turn during battles ?

I can't find the "wait" command in the action menu during battles. Isn't there a way to have your character wait until everyone else has made their move ?


tattoogunman answered:

As far as I know, you can't - I was wondering about this too. There are a lot of basic RPG elements that they seem to have ignored for this game......
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Douweeh answered:

You can defend to skip your turn entirely but that's it really.
Not that uncommon for an SRPG, is it?
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flechetteXXX answered:

There isnt a skip or wait command. You dont need one though. Your turn does not end until you decide to attack or defend. You are able to take one move and as many actions as you want (such as swap weapon) within a character turn until you either attack or defend. If you dont want to take a move or action you can just defend to end your turn.
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