Question from kyyylekey

What are the rewards for completing the game in Hardcore Mode?

I thought this question should be in the FAQ since it's going to come up a lot.

Accepted Answer

Bakarobotoinu answered:

The only reward is the 100g achievement.
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trueparallels answered:

Besides getting the "Hardcore" achievement for 100 Gamer Points i'm not sure...
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jsanl2 answered:

Heard something about a vertibird (helicopter) being given after you beat the game, but it was in the GameFaqs boards so you never know if its BS or not.
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Roy_Dogsi answered:

My guess would be a single\choice of an ultimate perk, considering that the "last level" perks are no more. Still only speculation at this point.
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djohn84 answered:

Just beat it on hardcore,not noticing getting anything extra for it also doesnt seem like u can go back and freeroam,can only do the end battle unless im missing something.
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