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Can you change your appearance later in the game?

For instance fallout 3 had the facial reconstruction to change your face. Is this feature in this game? It wold be good to know if i don't like my character's appearance can change it .

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ar5n1c answered:

Yes, from were i am in caesars camp there is a robot that can reconstruct you face but u need a sensor or something like that to get it working, so there may be others.
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Crae_z answered:

More than likely.
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mrstilwater answered:

The king told me if i wanted to do something about my hair, find Sergio... i looked all over the Kings School and freeside... were is that dude?
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hooshpoopies answered:

Sergio is on the first floor in the back hallways. when u enter the school of impersonation go thru the door straight ahead and go all the way to the back wall, take a left all the way down, then another left. he is in a room just before u get to a door that requires a key.
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mrstilwater answered:

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