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Where can I find a person that buys Pre-War books?

I found a ton of pre-war books in the building you start out in, but all they've been doing so far is taking up space. Is there anyone that buys these, like in Fallout 3?

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AzureLivesOn answered:

According to the guide, there isn't one. Since Vegas survived the nuclear holocaust, as mentioned Pre-War Books are not remotely as rare as they were in Washington DC in Fallout 3- an epicenter of the nuclear attack.

Mr. House's suite alone has nearly 200 Pre-War Books, so having someone who'd pay 100 caps apiece in New Vegas would have to be eccentric or an idiot (in F3, Brotherhood Elders wanted the books to study pre-war America BECAUSE everything was destroyed).
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jdj143 answered:

Not that I have found, they are a lot more common in NV so I doubt there is one.
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