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How do you finish "I Could Make You Care" quest?

This is were you help Veronica get evidence on the Brotherhood's flaws. I choose to get the rangefinder and I am confused on what to do. I am already at Helios.

RPGenius555 asked for clarification:

Well were is this terminal? i dont have any new locations.

TheDreadPoet asked for clarification:

I (we?!?) have answered this question, months ago. Please select an answer or atleast give one of us credit for helping you. Not, Bit**ing about it, but come on. Credit is given where credit is due, right?


jinjace answered:

If you already have the range finder then talk to the elder if not go to free side and get it foem some kids
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recca1821 answered:

To get the range finder you will have to go to a little kid in free side he sleeps at night in the abandoned building next to the Mick and Ralph. To get it from him you have tree choices one is you buy it for 1000 caps two you have a high enough barter to buy it for 20 caps and three you can steal it from him while he's asleep (i'm not positive you can do that). For the Helios part you have to talk to a guy in sunglasses that will tell you that the controls for the building are in a tower near by and that you have to get there to get more power or something like that. So when you get to the top you will get options you can send power to the McCarren camp and New Vegas, or send it to the entire region or use the power to activate the gun.
(you can only use the gun every 24 hours).
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TheDreadPoet answered:

I returned to the Elder when she asked me to take her back and I already had the rangefinder. So after the little back and forth between the Elder and her she said she was ready to leave and gives you the coordinates to a terminal of her old Elder, Elijah, and the quest updates.
Then as I was walking away she was pulled into another convo, where her and the Elder pretty much fall out for good and she decides to stick with you until you decide you no longer want her companionship. Quest Updates and finishes without having to travel to that terminal or really do anything else but show up with the rangefinder, knowledge of ARCHIMEDES, and stand around for minute or two.
Veronica is upgraded with extra DT or DAM, but not quite sure how to trigger a specific one. And a bonus... four or five paladins to kill, complete with a guass rifle and tri-beam lasers, outside the bunker!
At first I thought this strange string of events may have been glitched with my first character, but 4 different characters later it has happened for me this same way everytime... and I still don't know whats on that terminal... *#$% now I'm curious...
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wildfire44601 answered:

If you already have the range finder and powered up ARCHIMEDES then there is nothing left for you to do for this part of the quest. Elder Elijah's terminal just has information about the weapon system; if you've already activated it then there's no reason to track down information you already know. That's probably why your game keeps skipping over that part.
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kronos072 answered:

To the east (or southeast?) of Old Lady Gibson's scrapyard.
Finding the terminal is one of the initial parts of the mission, you need to go there otherwise Veronica will not be able to tell you where to find the other items.

Also, the range finder useless if not powered by ARCHIMEDES. It just clicks, no sun-booms, so the BoS won't have any interest in it
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TheDreadPoet answered:

*** and I never found that terminal, but I completed that quest. So you ***DO NOT***, repeat, ***Do Not*** need to find it to complete the quest. Notice in my earlier post, I I said I still needed to find it even after I completed the quest and Im not a liar. I have never even come close to that terminal in question, 7 characters in and beating it twice I always waltzed right thru this quest.
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