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Vault 34?

Since the Board is useless, does anyone know where vault 34 is? I heard they have good weapons

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ShapeOfEvil answered:

It's just east of Vegas. If you are going north on the 95 it'll split N and NE. Best way to describe is take the NE fork, and once it turns back north, go due east about 2/3rds of a grid square.
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Jorgied answered:

depending on what locations you've found yet but i found it by going north from followers' outpost that will take you to Cannibal Johnson's Cave from there if you go north east you'll get to vault 34 make sure to bring some rad away with you as you'll always be getting from 1 to 2 radiation while in the vault also to get one of the special weapons make sure you have 100 lock-picking the other special weapon is lying on the floor both items and many more weapons and armor are in the armory
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