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Has anybody else become locked out of the Strip?


I've been working through The House Always Wins, and have made it to the point where I need to request help from the Boomers, and have received promise of their help. However, as I have tried to get back onto the Strip, I approach the door and find a dreaded [Key Required] phrase below. Just wondering if I'm missing something and it is supposed to be like that, or if I am experiencing something out of the ordinary.

BTW, I upgraded Mr. House's security, and am in good relations with the NCR (I have the mission to help the ambassador open as well), but am hated by the Legion (just in case this information is pertinent).

Any help would be appreciated!

bluedragon619 asked for clarification:

LONGDEEPSIGH if you see this then there is a cure, go to the boards and search for strip glitch

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Thringe answered:

Alright, I just read this section because I had become locked out myself and figured it was a part of the storyline. However I think it's just a glitch because I became locked out around the time I did a mission for the NCR scientist guy ( he sends you to vault 22 I think ) ,and I had made him angry with me. Also as a side note it was shortly after if not at the same time of the monorail incident at the NCR Vegas camp. I just read FearHerpes post and I confirmed it, make sure you use a sniper rifle and that when you're not zoomed in that you can't see them. If that was confusing I'll put it another way, when you go to kill the first Securitron robot make sure you can only see him when you're zoomed in. You should also make sure that you're sneaking for that little extra umph on the shot. As for everyone whos screens black out I haven't the faintest idea as to what's happening, my sympathies however getting locked out sucks but having your game freeze is an entire other ball park.
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crazybassist48 answered:

I couldn't tell you if its normal, but i'm having the same problem. possible relation to mccarran monorail explosion?
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NeonHunter answered:

I'm not locked out but I'm having a similar problem I'm glitched out when I try to enter my screen turns black
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Rathe6 answered:

Yeah, I'm having the same problem. At the same spot. I'm actually here right now looking for answers on how to get back in! But if we're all having the same problem then it may just be a story line thing...
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FearHerpes answered:

I was having the same problem but all you have to do is kill the middle front securitron in front of the gate for the key. I'd try to sneak critical with a sniper nd armor piercing bullets or something otherwise if the other securitrons see you do it they'll attack throughout the strip.
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bluedragon619 answered:

I'm having the same as Neon Hunter, totally lame
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longdeepsigh answered:

Neon hunter and blue dragon, im with ya. i feel ur pain.
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Laharah answered:

I'm having the same problem, and it occurred after I upgraded Mr. House's security at the Fort. I'm guessing that's the trigger for the glitch.
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edgewater answered:

There is another way to get past this glich but it requires some moving around. All you have to do is take the monorail from camp mc-something or another and it will take you to the strip past the glitched door. you will be able to exit the strip normally but I think the gate remains locked so you'd have to use this method if you don't want to risk getting in an all out fight with the securitrons.
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Decimulisha answered:

i see its not only me. its a real pain. so you have to kill that securitron. You can use the monorail if its already blown up.
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Brewer2000 answered:

Killing the middle robot worked thanks for all your help guys
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scintst answered:

Apparently, it doesn't matter when you leave...
I have not even been to Camp McCarren. All I did was a few side quests in the Strip. I left as part of the "Bye Bye Love" side quest and am now locked out. Maybe, because I have already been banned from playing at all the casinos? -- Anybody else locked out banned from casinos yet? Possible link...

Anyway, sniping the securitrons seems to be the best option. I killed them all for good measure (using the Gobi). You don't get negative Karma or any infamy with any factions for doing this and I have now gotten back into the strip with no negative results.

Good Luck everybody!
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