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Equipping weapon mods?

I've bought a few weapon mods, but I can't seem to be able to add them to the my weapons (Extended Mags for the Varmint Rifle won't equip to it, for instance). I've tried "equipping" them through the Pipboy 3000, and Reloading Stations and Workbenches don't do the job either. Is there something that I've missed, or is it a glitch?

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Air87 answered:

Highlight the weapon and hit the left bumper.
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talon125 answered:

it seems to me that
A. it is a glitch because I have put mods from the pip boy on a few of my weps

B. It could be that you can only put 1 mod but if you dont have any it must be a glitch
unless you are trying to use a mod for a gun that cant be used on that gun
i.e. a scope on a shot gun
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flechetteXXX answered:

Air87 is right. Just select the gun in your Pipboy and hit the left bumper to pull up the mods menu. At that point you can equip any mods that apply to that weapon. You can equip more than one mod to a weapon granted you have more than one. The only guns you cant put mods on are "unique" weapons.

Side Note: If you have the Weathered 10mm Pistol (from the pre order) be careful not to put any mods on it (even though the game allows it to be done). A lot of people are experiencing glitches with this particular gun.
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