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How do I solve control tower in ncr base camp newvegas?

After interrogating Caesars officerhe explains there is someone in the tower leaking information. When you talk to the officer lady who you helped interrogate the guy with she gives you a key and says go find who it is... I've waited for about an hour between the 11:50-12:50 window when the computer says someone has entered and no ones there... I'm about to die from h20 and lack if food soo prolly going to stop doing this mission for awile and go back to the strip... Help please

RobotOfficer provided additional details:

Ok walled back outside and a captain spoke to mr but I didn't really see what he was talking about I hit the speech [50] and it did a quest update but not for the control tower and so the marker still points me at the tower and I go inside no ones here

Accepted Answer

mingbming answered:

The time you have to go to the tower is between 1:00-2:00 am.
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Bato87 answered:

I chose to crouch down behind the large crates to the right of the tower door and wait for the person to enter..then caught them in the act.
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