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Why won't my character level up?

I have already beat the main story once so I made a new character. This character won't level up. So I get the 200xp you need to level up to level 2 but nothing happens the xp just keeps going up it looks like this 600/200xp and still no level up. I have tried making 3 new characters new this happens to all of them. I also tried turning off the xbox and restarting. Dose anyone know how to fix this???

Morbidly_Psycho provided additional details:

I figured why i could'nt level up. After you do the tutorial that menu pops up the one that gives you your last chance to change your character well it was not popping up for me. The way to get it to pop up is right after you do the tutorial head out of town like your going to the next city and it will pop up. You must do this before you have 200/200xp or you will be stuck like I was.

Morbidly_Psycho provided additional details:

I'm sorry Bakarobotoinu but thats how I fixed my character. What I did was try to think what is different about the new character from the old one. your probly missing just one step like the change character menu for me.

BRANTLY_75 asked for clarification:

Are you level 30?

killer339494 asked for clarification:

When does this glitch occur, or is it random? Because I have 3 characters that all level up normally. P.S. one I used an exploit to level it.

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Ganonflakes answered:

Well the only factors that I know that prevent you from leveling up are dialog and being in combat. There are quite a few bugs in this game, they released it early. It might just be a glitch, so you may have to wait for a patch.
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Bakarobotoinu answered:

I'm having the same issue. Blasted through for the hardcore achievement and now my new game is stuck at level 1 with 700/200xp needed. Tried clearing cash, starting new characters, nothing works. All new characters wont level up.

I think we may be stuck waiting for a patch to fix the issue.
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Bakarobotoinu answered:

I tried going back and doing what you said. I always get the change character screen regardless of my xp. it also doesn't matter if i have less than or more than 200xp. Still stuck at level 1 :(
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PVMetal answered:

Damn if this happens to me, don't you have to be online to use a patch?
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tolchocker answered:

The only thing that worked for me after having this problem was to manually go to my hard drive and select game options (press y while fallout: new vegas is highlighted) and delete all of my saves at once. I think the game has some sort of glitch after beating the main game and then starting a new one. Sucks that i lost all my old saves but at least i can keep playing. Hope that helps.
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SurvivalGuru answered:


You will have to delete ONLY your auto-save. Then start a new game. I had the same problem when I tried making a new character that wouldn't level up after already beating the game, so I tried deleting just the auto-save, started anew, and he leveled up. I then repeated the whole process to confirm and at 200xp my character leveled up again. :)
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SurvivalGuru answered:

Whoops! Forgot to also mention that you will have to temporarily create a new profile to somehow make the system think your starting new. Start a new game on that profile (I think this lets the game think your starting completely fresh) as when you go back to your original profile and then delete the autosave like I said above, it will no longer be bugged.
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Blitzerspike answered:

It's a bad glitch that with a second save, it seems that it bans your character from leveling. The only option that I have found to work is to wipe Fallout: New Vegas saves from the Storage device, and clear the Cache. There may be other ways, but this is the only way I have found so far
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Tommywx answered:

Oh this has happened to me i made it to level 6 before i got pissed of so i started a new game
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mrcalebitgkid answered:

This happened to me too. you have to delete your previous saves and start over. hope this helps
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MielikkisChosen answered:

Just try it a couple of times. It sucks, but that's the best way to do it. Luck. It took me 2 tries to get a game that let me level up.
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bow2ursensei answered:

The last chance to change your character screen is a trigger that opens level progression.
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Antipathy1234 answered:

I had the same issue and i will tell you how i solved it

Just start a new profile and then the glitch will nt happen again and if the glitch does happen just delete the new profile and start the whole process over again
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cheater28 answered:

Depends if you are high leveled it may take time but if you are doing nothing you woun't get any exp
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