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Killing all the Nightkins in the basement?

I killed around 5 Nightkins in the basement of the Rocket offices, including the Jailer Nightkin, and found Harolds dead friend, and I can't find any more Nightkins to kill. What have I missed? The quest box won't fill-in and fade even though there doesn't seem to be any more Nightkins.

RC444o provided additional details:

Yes! Thank You to lynnster742 . . . indeed the one named Davison had yet to be found, however, I found him still in the basement in a room with a coffeemaker on a table with a horned-animal skull on top of the coffeemaker.

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lynnster742 answered:

Did you kill the one named Davison? He's in the room just outside of where Harland the ghoul is, and he has a Bumper Sword on him.
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