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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I find Evidence In Dino-De Lite Lobby?

For the quest "One for my baby", it says to find evidence in the Dino De-Lite Lobby, but I can't find this lobby, nor can I find the evidence because of it?

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From: mavrick_19 4 years ago

The lobby you speak of is the front desk where you can rent a room. Where the crawford lady works. I acidently came across it by acident. in that room is a safe on the floor the answers you seek are in there.

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It's in the Lobby. Behind the register in a Floor Safe.

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yep its in the lobby of the hotel. Go pick the safe and you should get this "reciept of sale" or something close to that "bill of sale" perhaps. Anyways read it and it'll reveal the person who sold Boone's wife into slavery.

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The lobby is also known as the front desk, the evidence are in a floot safe behind the desk.

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Yep these guys are right on the mark.

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I had this problem too. For some reason I always thought the lobby was actually in the Dinosaur. It's actually the front desk where you can rent a room from that really sweet lady(only 100 caps!).

The evidence is in a safe on the floor, it will tell you who the real culprit is. Good luck!

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