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Asked: 4 years ago

Where is the sexbot?

Yes. I'm having trouble trying to find my sexbot. The quest markers aren't helping at all. So could someone point me toward where I go? All I remember is something about the word Cerulean and going in through the back door.

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From: Ryan2002 4 years ago

First talk to Mick/Ralph at thier shop(next to the west side entrance to Freeside) to get the holotape for it(or don't if you have SCI high enough). The entrance to the building is called Cerulean Robots(from the Kings water tap(looking at the King, with water tap just to his left/your right) go straight down that road, with buildings on your left and an open area and the city limit wall on the right, and from a distance it will look liek a dead end where the buildings hit some rubble near the wall, but it has a clear path through that rubble. Then hug the buildings to your left and go into the door labled "Cerulean Robots"). Inside, there will be some giant rats that you'll have to beat, then go to the rear room and go left. You should see a robot inside a tube of some kind. The robot looks like a normal "Protectron". On the left of it will be a console on the wall, use the holotape, or SCI skill to program it to be a sexbot. Talk to it when it gets out of the tube and pick whatever dialogue to get it to do whatever you want, quest or other.

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First you need to go to Mick and Ralph and talk to one of them (I forget which) and ask them about it they will make you a holotape (wait a day if he ask you to wait) then go to where the kid/crier is talk abut Mick and Ralph face where the door leading to the other part of freeside is(dont go through it) then turn right head that way a bit and the markers should start being more helpful. Its kinda hard to explain after that. you may wanna stick a marker over the marker leading there so you don't get confused about the others.

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Just go to the water pump guy and follow that road towards the broken over pass. follow it basically. the road goes straight into wreckage and then opens up and just keep following it until you come to another bakery(theres 2 in freeside) with a hotel and acme realty(also 2 of these) right by it and a destroyed bus. the alleys right there where the back door is

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There is another thread for this but will describe again. To get to the bot, turn right after coming out of the atomic wrangler and go through the next house, will see a door to third area of Freeside. Go left, then left down the straight path and turn left at end to see building, can't miss it. Bot is in here, very simple to find once in building.

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I killed mick and ralf any way i can still program it? Many thanks.

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you have to go passed the NCR Food place and there is a building that contains the robot.

(filled with giant rats)

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You can still program the Sexbot if you have a high enough Science level.

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in a abandoned building just near the NCR Freeside building

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