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Help with BoS attacking me?

Ok so I did a bunch of mission for Mister House, and I got to The House Always Wins, V. So when Mister House told me to go destroy the brotherhood, I wanted to help them, so I went to the Hidden Valley. However, no matter what I do, they always attack me. I'll do whatever, I just want to do quests for the brotherhood and I don't want to destroy them. Any ideas on what I should do?


jinjace answered:

if you did the quests for mr house pretty much everyone wont like you,the best solution I can think of is to revert to a previous save or try wearing their armour
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Lordofdeath0 answered:

If you are going there at night thats the problem. a night they send a patrol that will kill you no matter what. enter during the day and use the intercom. if that doesnt work get the holotape from the repcon headquarters its on a dead brotherhood paliden. it gives you the password witch you use on that intercom in hidden valley
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