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Asked: 4 years ago

How to find the quest dealing with contreras?

I am having trouble finding the quest can someone help me find it and how to beat.
Cause i want this machine but i need to beat the quest

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From: metalclash 4 years ago

First of all, you need to be level 12. Second, this quest is an unmarked quest, meaning that it will not show up as a Quest in the Quest section of the Pipboy. Contreras can be found in Camp McCarran, in the supply shack. Just keep going through the main buildings.

The quickest way to complete this unmarked quest is to go to the terminal above Contreras, and hack it open (Science of 50 required). Open the note about the guns and take it to Lt. Boyd, she will talk a little then give you "This Machine". It is a replica of a WWII M1 Garand, complete with the clicking noise as the clip ejects.

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hack his terminal and the go show the weapon list to lt. boyd. she will then give you the This Machine weapon. hope this helps.

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You need to be level 12. Talk to contreras, he will give you the quest.

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It's an unmarked quest, so it won't show up on your pip-boy

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Dammint, I typed out a really long answer but it disappeared, go to this video: which explains the quest. If the link gets removed, it's by Orcidea and you should also subscribe to him for more walkthroughs.

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speak to contreras hes located in camp mccarran (near new vegas) and after speaking to him you should be able to get the quest from him. However it is an unmarked quest and wont show up in your pipboy

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