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What is the best weapon and armor in the game? (possible spoilers)

What's the best weapon and armor combo in the game and where did you find them? I'm having trouble finding anything halfway decent.

PinkFloydFan420 provided additional details:

I was hoping for a gun as powerful as the lincoln's repeater from Fallout 3


Serogon answered:

Well, it may not be the best for straight up fights, but if you've got some nice distance the Anti-Materiel Rifle hits like a damn truck. You can usually find one at the Quartermaster in the Hidden Valley Bunker.
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Iscaredeath answered:

The All American Carbine from Vault 34 was very useful at the Hoover Dam battle for me killed NCR and Legion troops quite well. Melee weapon I used was the Fire Axe found after a battle with some Fiends and Legionnaires. Armor I used reinforced leather armor (vendor, random people)and the combat helmet mark 2 (Gunrunners). Up to you through light and medium armor were everywhere at Hoover dam battle only found 2 NCR troops with crappy power armor. T-51b is the best power armor but I never found it. All the power armor I found took 2 agility away.
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AdHdGAmer5 answered:

I like to use the Eucilid's C Blaster and I used Reinforced Combat Armor or NCR face wrap armor with the first recon beret. The Eucilid Blaster was 1-Death to anything in the area, with the only drawback being you can only use it every 24 hours... The Face Wrap Armor was pretty good despite the fact that a lot of people get angry at you. Here's a guide to getting the Blaster
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danstar01 answered:

when you have acquired power armour training,get the enclave Remmant power armour, it's the strongest in the game, (although quite heavy) here's a link to the only two ways to get the armour
and a brush gun/any repeater rifle/anti-material rifle/high caliber machine guns do the best damage per second and overall the anti is the best
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mnkyDluffy answered:

Ballistica FIST.
It only uses about 30 ap and does about 100 damage a punch. i can take out a deathclaw in two punches.
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Heavens_guard answered:

Cowboy repeater with .38 specials and leather armor reinforced. first recon beret and sunglasses. never felt so, wastelandy 50s style
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NotYourName117 answered:

the best wepon Eucilid's C Finder best armor in DT is Remnants power armor
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whippester_1 answered:

I use combat armor mark 2 and a sniper as my main commbo armor has a dt of 24 when fully repaierd
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DivineAssassin3 answered:

the most powerful armor in the game is the T-51b power armor (although its VERY rare)

most powerful weapon probably the anti-material rifle
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falloutdude123 answered:

Remnants power armor and the alien blaster
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greatman250 answered:

ok heres a clear answer to your question
armour: remnants power armor( dont listen to the guy who said that T51b power armor is the stongest and rarest i got 4 by killing everyone the the hidden bunker and you can only get 1 remnant power armor and helmet)
weapons: it all depends on what you like to do and the situation example: you detect someone on your compass crouch look for him/her get out your sniper aim for the head to get an automatic critical hit any way ill name
sniper rifle: anti material rifle (bad rate of fire but good damage), or a Gobi campaign scout rifle (decent damage semi-automatic) its rare but you can get it at a locked chest at the south-eastern corner of your map at a place called sniper's nest a little west of cotton cove
shotguns: riot shotgun all the way (high damage, semi-automatic, high capacity)
smgs: i think the 12.7mm submachinegun, if you know a better one tell him its the best ive got,( good damage, 329 dps, pretty good capacity)
two-handed machinegun: light machine gun (good dps, only 40 bullets less than the mini gun with expanded drums mod, fun gun to shoot)
pistol: that gun you get from benny when you kill (iforgot the name and info but i remember it was the strongest pistol i've seen but i dont use pistols)
hope this help all these guns got me through the game fairly quickly and i didnt let enemys touch me( i know this becuz throught my whole game i never used food and i still dont have the achievent to heal 10,000 points of damage with stimpacks and whenever i lost health i used stimpacks so you know my armor was good) im done with all dlc i have almost all the achievements have fun fallout ftw!!!
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PDW_Rover answered:

Well, it's been age's since someone posted on this, but I found it, so someone else might like some extra info!

Armor. Depends on whether you're sneak based or run and gun.

Sneak-MK 2 Combat armor-reinforced. It's medium armor yes, but with a high enough sneak provides only a minimal loss of stealth.

Run and Gun- Hands down Remnants Power armor. Can be VERY tough to get depending on your leve, but well worth it.

Sniper-Gauss Rifle and its variant. Some people say the Anti-mats rifle, but I don't agree, sniping is all about power, accuracy and most importantly, 1 hit kills. The Gauss Rfile ensures all 3.

Shotgun- No brainer, Riot Shotgun.

Pistol- Pistols are the most diverse weapon type in the game. Really, it's personal choice, and mine is the Plasma defender.

SMG- Hate them. Wouldn't bother. Nothing an SMG can do that the Assault Carbine can't do better, more accurately and more powerfully.

Rifle- This is where things get tricky. Again like the pistol, hugely diverse weapon group. Personal preference is what it's all about. Personally, I adore the Laser rifle, but ONLY fully modded. That scope while sneaking combing with its insane accuracy and good power, makes an excellent marksmen rifle.

Explosives. Grenade rifle. Pretty easy to see why. Cripples legs on large groups on enemies like a mad mofo. Giving you control over large encounters of melee opponents, specially Deathclaws.
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Suchirueru answered:

Well from how many times and how often ive completed this game im gonna say if you dont mind the drop in agility then the Remnants Power Armour which is just Unique Fallout 3 Enclave armor but if you dont want it and dont mind siding with the NCR then go with the veteran ranger combat armor and ranger helmet or if Legion then the Centurion armor and helmet. On the other hand if you have the Lonesome Road DLC then go to the divide and find the Elite Riot Gear which looks almost identical to Vet Ranger armour but doesnt pin you to any faction and is Medium and gives you 22DT at 750HP with the effects of Crit Chance +5, Guns +10 and CHR +1 and the Elite Riot Gear Helmet which is 6 DT (so 28 in total if both at max HP) at 100HP with the effects of Sneak Sight (Night Vision When Crouched), Speech +5 and PER +2! tis the BEST armor on the game if you dont want agility drawbacks (or to do the annoying Arcade Gannon Intelligence checks at certain places in the mojave) plus you get good EXP from the Divide!

As for a weapon then I always tend to use the Gobi scout rifle, Anti Material Rifle (With explosive ammo and all attachments if you have the Gun Runners DLC) or for mid ranger powerful combat that looks and sounds awesome then This Machine rifle that you get from Lt Boyd after giving her Sgt Contreras shipment statement informing her hes supplying Raiders with guns in Camp McCarran :) if its an energy weapon you want then yes, go with Wild Wasteland trait and go meet the aliens at the back of the Horrowitz Farmstead and get the alien blaster (limited ammo though) OR go to the crashed vertibird and get the Tesla Beaton Prototype! works a treat vs Brotherhood and Robots/Turrets!

Im still tryina find if theres a Unique version of the Centurion armor though! dnt wanna look like NCR if im fighting as Legion :P
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XBL1 answered:

If you do have the Lonesome Road DLC then there is a unique armour set for both the Legion and the NCR. However you can't get both unless you decide to bomb both places. The Legion armour is the Armour of the 27th Tribe and the NCR armour is the Sierra Power Armour. A word of warning: where you find this armour is in a heavily irradiated area with very powerful enemies. To stay alive bring a companion and lots of stimpaks. Hope this helped!
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cavernoustitan0 answered:

It really depends on what kind of perks you have. If you have no perks that relate to snipers and critical hits, the anti-material rifle might not be the best for you. I personally love the Riot Shotgun with the "And Stay Back" perk. But this is just my personal favorite. You will find that there is a lot of viable choices to choose from.
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ScorpionErmac12 answered:

Eucilid's C Finder and the Sneak-MK 2
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