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How do I beat Legate Lanius?

I'm stuck on the quest "No Gods, No Masters" because I can't beat Legate Lanius. I'm level 15 and I can get him to low health, but I always end up dying. If you have completed this quest, please help. If anyone has any tips or strategies to kill him please tell me. My securitron that came with me is dead by the way, so I have no other help.

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mrstilwater answered:

I used an older save to go back and get my speech skill to 95 and wore bennys suit for a full 100 Speech skill, after like 7-10 speech challenges he just leaves you alone, same thing for what happens next... so my advice is similar to everyones, you need to level up more... its the last thing you can do before credits roll, dont rush through it at lvl15. i was lvl 23 before beating it
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Serogon answered:

Well, ignoring that you're really low level for that point of the game (you must have skipped a lot of stuff) it's impossible to give any good advice without knowing what kind of skills your character has.
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BrokenRainY57 answered:

I found that a full quality Riot Shotgun worked fairly well, I had full Guns skill and Boone (the companion) though. But you are really, really low level for that point, that is basically the end after all.
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wackybobo answered:

AIM FOR THE HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! use a powerful shotgun, rifle, or any other weapons that have good power and condition, but I doubt that you have any because you were lazy and decided to cut corners and skip all of the miscellaneous quests that add to the plot. i recommend going back to other areas and actually completing the extra quests, therefore getting better stuff and leveling up.
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TOXINJOE answered:

I used a chainsaw took him and the guys with him out pretty fast i was around the same level as you if you need a chainsaw you can find them on the dam you should have killed a few guys with them.
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ark_xiii answered:

I done this at lvl 16 with no companions, with a high guns skill, you should come across a few antimatter rifles at the dam, aim for the head in vats, a second shot and he'll might flee, make sure to snipe as many legionairres as possible before though. Also another risky try with unarmed; use the ballistic fists that the guards weild, they pack a punch, if you have a save before the dam, I suggest levelling up more
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mrstilwater answered:

And Your army of securitrons shows up for what happens next, if you made NCR mad anyways... for Legates fight, they're waiting outside the camps gate
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reallyloud answered:

I did this at lvl 16 with just a sniper. You can sneak critical his head from the ledge across from where he is standing. there is actually a shed with a table with a toolbox on it right before you get to him, you can jump on it and crouch behind the toolbox to make him and his allies stop with the melee attacks and pick them off.
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EnglandAce answered:

I had my speach at 100 so didnt fight him at all!
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barny8989 answered:

You're going to need to do other missions and level up. I tried doing this as a level 18 and just got destroyed. I even tried to put it down to very easy and i had the help of a securitron, lily the supermutant and rex the dog and still stood no chance. The best I was able to do was get Lanius down to like 4 bars of health, and I still had 3 or 4 legionaries shooting at me or punching me..level up and do side missions.
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kwdblade answered:

All the Praetorians had Ballistic Fists by the time I fought Lanius and Caesar, but maybe that was just because I was level 28... regardless, I just stole a few from the dead guys and did something like 118 damage a hit (and my unarmed wasn't even that good). Those things rock! I would suggest doing some more quests, get your level up.
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The_byro answered:

I agree the side missions make the game lots more fun i had guns to100 and used a silenced sniper rifle.
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Yvl9921 answered:

Chems. Especially Turbo. Poisons too, if you have them. It's the final boss fight, throw everything you have at him. If that doesn't work, you probably need to prepare better next time.
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ruffnv15 answered:

Uhm im not sure for you because of your low level... shoot him in the head? Use all of you chems if you got them, if your strength is 8 (6 if you have the perk that lowers strength req. on weapons) use the anti-material rifle, best sniper in the game.
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whoseblues answered:

I was in the same boat as DomPetro recently and found this thread when the Legate was too tough for me. I'd played through the game the preferred way, taking my time, exploring, etc., but made the mistake of turning Hardcore mode off. So I had to play a new game through to the end to get the trophy and went through as fast as possible. Yvl9921's suggestion to use chems was perfect since I never use them and had plenty saved up. I took as many as I could and whittled him down with a grenade launcher (I was also going for the Love the Bomb trophy). I ran out into the round entrance area so I could backpedal around without getting into a corner. Once he fell I looted his helmet and weapon, equipped them, and mowed down the rest of the Legion easily (and I had a pitiful melee stat). I reached level 16 mid-battle.
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ramdomination answered:

Eulclid-Cfinder is the way to go!!!!
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Arnings answered:

Here are the different skills and how you can use them to beat him:
Barter: Talk him into leaving.
Energy weapons: Gauss rifle sneak crit. Alien blaster.
Explosives: There is only one small path with him. Use some mines in it. (Suprisingly easy)
Guns: Anti-material rifle sneak crit.
Melee weapons: Bad idea to use melee, but I guess Oh, Baby! is the best weapon for it.
Speech: Talk him into leaving (100) Or at least talk him into fighting without guards (85, good karma?)
Unarmed: Pushy or Paladin toaster, and (VERY IMPORTANT) the Ranger takedown move learned from a guy in Novac. Then you can punch him while he's laying on the ground.

Hint: Have companions, give them great weapons, and if you completed ''For auld lang syne'' and chose to help NCR, then a man with a great armor and minigun will help you (Cannibal Johnson).
I have completed NCR campaign in high level and Independent and Caeser's Legion in around level 15. It's not impossible. But, then again, I had a huge collection of unique weapons.
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Muddz8420 answered:

What I do is: 1. Walk up near to where he is so he spawns, and (optional/overkill) lay whatever mines I have on the stairs leading up to him. 2. go back down and head to the right side from when you are walking back from his area(go to where the Legion tents are). Go all the way to the back and get up on the metal crates near the back. Stand as close as you can get to the back corner and still be on top of the crates. 3. Aim at his big head with whatever you got (I hope you have SOME ammo to use???), and FIRE!!!

If you are in the right spot he will not be able to hit you, and your main issue will be any Legion punks who happen to have a firearm. Concentrate on the Legion punks first then him. It takes awhile, but its very satisfying way to take him out. Works at low level, provided you did not basically walk here from Good Springs with 12 rounds of 9mm ammo....
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fallout3maniac answered:

Alright heres what u do. Go back to before you did the mission. Then complete the helios 1 mission and overload the power or somthing like that. then u talk to the guy thats a member of the followers of the apocolypse. He will give you a doctors bag and a couple of stimpaks. You can repeat this for ever and get infinite stimpaks. Do the mission. When fighting Legate Lanius hotkey stimpaks on the d pad. Now when you fight him you will be immortal so long as you press the d pad button every time your health goes really low.

Or you could get eucilids c finder to attack him. to reload you have to go to helios 1 (you can read all about where you get it from and how you reload there. I have never used the weapon but i hear it is really powerful like a fat man.
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Plasma2244 answered:

I just went into sneak mode and then VATS on his head before you even initiate the converstation with him and shoot him in the face with something powerfull, I used the anti material rifle took him down to one little bar of health left.
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AlbertOwnnstein answered:

Honestly this question is difficult to answer since you didn't give any of your stats or preferences, but nonetheless i will try to help.
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AlbertOwnnstein answered:

The legate clearly is a close range beast so i would try to stay far away from him. also it is important to defeat all of the lesser enemies in the area before you even challenge the legate. when it does come down to battle i would use a higher powered yet relatively quick weapon (no anti materiel rifle sadly) like the brush gun, trail carbine, this machine, plasma rifle, q-35, etc. this is because he has a fairly high DT and will absorb smaller rounds. I would also suggest not using VATS as it has been proven that for some people you are innacurate against the legate in VATS, i dont know why but it happens. Also remember to use stimpacks as needed. If all else fails use drugs like psycho, med x, or turbo as these can change the battle entirely (especially turbo). And hey maybe use speech to tell him to leave :s
Sorry i took so much space, but i hope it helps
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DrBink answered:

At the time i had like no good guns and what i did is i got a zap glove and i killed everyone but Legate Lanius then i hit him then once he lunged with his weapon i stepped back so it didn't wound me then i eventually got him but it might take a few tries.
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cripp12 answered:

Sniper rifle with armor piercing bullets worked like a charm.
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dude86264 answered:

Alien blaster works too
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cartman19191918 answered:

I was a level 11 when I was at this part. I already beat the game three times hahaha, siding with house, ceasars, and yes man, this was my run through with house so i skipped most of the side quests because i already beat them multiple times, i had a terribly hard time beating this part because none of my skills were very high at all, but the one way that made it extremely easy was I went back to the damn and picked up like 5 chainsaws, repaired one to 100%, and i killed both lanius and four of the other guys + the ncr folk all with the chainsaw on my second try, chainsaw = love of my life
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Tommywx answered:

I used a Alien blaster and melted the hard bastard in seconds
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tytyt165 answered:

We'll you can get a rocket launcher and it gets the job done
you can get the gun from bommers and usally the don't use the missles in close quarter s
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