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Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I Sell Expensive Items?

I have several guns that are worth more then 1000. Does anyone know where i can sell them for more then 1000?

I Also Have A fully Upgraded Ranger Armor worth 6464 caps

Additional details - 4 years ago

Okay i found a place called new vegas medical clinic in which not only does the doctor have 4,000 caps but she also can give u surgury to enhance ur abilites such as strength perseption and intelligence but each costs 4,000 sadly enough when u give her the 4,000 caps she doesnt have the caps so u can keep reselling it to her but her money might respawn after awhile. also this place is quest related to caesars legion (which u need a 75 skill of med)

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Your best bet is the Crimson Caravan near the Freeside North Gate, however even on his best day he only has approx 3000-3500 caps. Even Gun Runners only hits 2k.

Thinking within the Fallout mindset, very few vendors have large sums of cash on them because A: It's less money for someone to steal (think gas station convenience stores with the "Register only has $50" signs) and B: You're supposed to be giving them money, not the other way around (it IS business, after all). Even Fallout 3 didn't give its high roller vendors more than 2k at a time. The whole point of you trading that 6500 cap armor is so that you buy 6500 worth of items at the same time. Makes sense, right?

And let's be honest, what're you going to do with 6500 caps anyways? Exactly. Spend them. Head to CC or Gun Runners. You wont get 6500 caps outright, but you'll find plenty of things worth 6500 caps to make it worth your while.

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yesterday when I was playing the brotherhood armory and the gun runner vendors both had 8000 caps
But this might have been from me leveling up and not visiting the vendors often

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I find that if you go to Gun Runners they normally have 8000 caps and if you wait 4 days then they replenish them and the rest of their stock

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Gun Runners' Vendortron just southwest of Crimson Carivan has 8,000 caps restocked approximately every 36 hours. Plus great weapons. Where I sell all my stuff.

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This one requires a bit of caps to begin with, but go see someone who does repairs, get your stuff repaired, and then ask to see what they have for sale. The money they've made doing your repairs is now available in their inventory, which means you can no sell your stuff and get the full value, or you've gotten free repairs, depending on how you look at it.

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As a tip i can say this: when you have a sufficient barter skill, merchants will buy most ammo for the same price that they sell it. so look for vendors with ammo, buy the ammo, and sell them your expensive gear. then sell them back the ammo later, or for the remainder of their caps. so infact, the gun runner bot has more like 14k instead of 8k caps. again, u need a high barter to do this.
as for my answer: fort mormon, vegas clinic, gun runner, good springs, bos bunker, 144 highway junction, novac, hoover dam ncr supply officer, and mohave outpost. jacobs town doc, great khan drug dealers, crimson caravan has merchants, macafery airport maybe, i'm sure there are more out there.

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