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Is there any way to store your items?

Back in FO3, you could get a suite or house fairly early on. Is that possible in this game as well? There's so much stuff to craft and only so much to carry.

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xephnin answered:

You can buy a room in Novac for 100 caps. I also believe there's a way to get it for free by completing the quest with Boone and then speaking with the shop owner inside the dinosaur. In theory at least, I paid for the room before completing the quest but the dialog with the shop owner suggested the room had become free after the quest with Boone... (this is assuming you found the -correct- evidence and walked out of town with the -correct- NPC)
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CTHT answered:

I dont know would this help? but i store my items, armor, weapons etc in crates or boxes.

i stored all my stuff in one of the cases at the starting town near the two work bench for making ammo and to make new stuff.

not sure if we get a house or suite in this game.
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bluedragon619 answered:

So far theres a room in Novac, a Suite at Lucky 38 casino and the presidential suite at Tops Casino, oh and a room at atomic wrangler in Freeside, will get one soon enough, i know its a pain how long it takes.
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