Question from dirty_curtie31

How do I get to great khan encampment without getting killed by deathclaws?

can I just sneak past them or no?

Accepted Answer

mrstilwater answered:

There is a road running west, south of the Kahns camp, it looks like its kinda far, but if you follow that road itll take you around the mountain. your probably trying to get there from goodsville. Caazaors are only a problem if you decide to climb over the steep mountains like a dick
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dougals1988 answered:

They reccomend the sneak attack
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Iscaredeath answered:

I used a sniper rifle and sneaked along the right side. Only had to kill 5 deathclaws and the young ones when down with one head shot and the regular one only needed one more well placed shot to make it to the camp. I ignored the big black one and it never saw me. I had little over 80 sneak skill at the time and 90 gun skill give or take a point.
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thisnamerules answered:

You can get the from Red Rock Canyon also, but you're gonna run a gauntlet of Cazadors if you take that route.
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LegomahKilo answered:

Just go thru Quarry Junction stealthy with or with out companions. Go to the very top... snipe your way to victory,
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