Question from Crae_z

How do i get Rauls Vaquero outfit?

Seriously.. i can only trigger like, half the mission for Raul and the Vaquero outfit.


Iam42 answered:

Keep Raul with you until the "Old School Ghoul" quest activates. Finish it and he should wear it.
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blfkakarot911 answered:

You have to talk with 3 people (1. Corp Sterling/2. Loyal 3. Ranger Andy), Now I can't complete it cause ranger andy has no more speech options so its a no go for me. But taking raul with you to talk to loyal and sterling will not effect the quest, and he will indeed tell u his story for each of those people.

But if you have talked to Ranger Andy and done his quest then u can not proceed any further. It sucks to be honest, you play the game and find out that u shouldn't have done things in it. You have to learn the take-down move with raul in order to start the 'old school ghoul' quest.
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