Question from iconn92

How do you make custom weapons?

I may have heard wrong, but apparently you can create more weapons from benches, but so far all I can make is the bottlecap mine and the timed bomb. Are there any more weapons that you can make?


Darknesse13 answered:

Yes but someone must teach you or you must find the blueprints.
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Nation33 answered:

All I have seen are bombs, mines, and special Nuka Colas.

I have not heard of, nor have I seen, any schematic or blueprint regarding making new weapons.

There are already VERY GOOD weapons available at Gun Runners, or if you're into Energy Weapons, try raiding Silver Rush!

Hope this helps.
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FenixGame answered:

You need to find the recipes
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captainpeen answered:

I have the same problem can somebody please answer this question?
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