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Asked: 4 years ago

Where can i find the power fist called pushy?

I'm still having trouble defeating deathclaws and someone answered my question saying something about pushy, i would like to know where the closest one is wen i am just starting the game (I am at the point where i have to travel to NCRCF). I just want to get to new vegas and mess around and i have to fighte my way through 5 deathclaws.

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Pushy is a unique version of the displacer glove. It's location is at the Ruby Hill Mine. The weapon is carried by a dead Jackal Gang Member. The Ruby Hill Mine is located on the road that leads to Jacobstown and is located by 2-3 Bighorn Bulls. The regular displacer glove can be bought from the Gun Runners, Lt. Torres in the hidden valley bunker, and in the office levels of the Hoover Dam.

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