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ED-E help!?

So i just repaired ed-e and the quest that comes along with him (take him to gibson scrap yard) and i took him there and talked to old lady gibson. and she doesnt say ne thing about ed-e?

Bladesmith8180 asked for clarification:

When Ed_e gets repaired, he returns to Primm, I cannot locate him. Where does he spawn at?


MAGlCALMAN answered:

It should "automatically" trigger ed-e on its own. And an option will show up when you talk to him to listen to a memo. This then advances that quest, I also shortly after went over to helios and it triggered another voice memo to be played.

Good luck
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soccerstudx20 answered:

there should be 2 playbacks that triggers with ED-E. after the 2nd playback, im not sure of the time frame, someone will radio you through ED-E and ask you to bring him to them, i had the Brotherhood of Steel radio me, right after they did, i had a counter offer from someone in the Followers ask me to bring him there instead. then you just have to travel to which ever one you want. i chose the brotherhood. the upgrade his armor and mad him look new.

hope this helps
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soccerstudx20 answered:

oh and make sure you take all your items from ED-E before you make the decision because im sure you loose what hes carrying. i have no clue where my stuff is.
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PoisonOfTheMind answered:

After several days, and you must sleep in a bed, he reappears at Primm. Same spot you originally found him.
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StealthShot1906 answered:

There was apparently a glitch, that if you had spoken to Old Lady Gibson and gone through all of the dialog without ED-E, then it wouldn't advance in the quest. If you would like more info, then I suggest using this site:
that is for the quest that you are doing, but it also has a lot of the other quests as well

And to Bladesmith8180 ED-E spawns in the Nash Residence where you repaired him the first time.
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odin1god answered:

When i did this ED-E re-spawned outside Primm, towards Goodsprings. I used the local map to find him, it only covers a small area but you can do it if you want him back.
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