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How can I raise my "The Strip" Reputation?

I need help with raising my "The Strip" Rep. I cannot find any quests within the Strip or anywhere that would raise my rep.

xXNinjahzXx provided additional details:

@9392 Ah thanks. I can't do the White glove Society because I need more rep on the Strip, kind of the catalyst for asking this question. I'm going to try the other two you suggested and look for more. I'll keep the question open and see if it crosses anyone who has raised their Strip Rep.

Accepted Answer

9392Joker answered:

Try and do some of the 3 groups quests like the in the White Whatever Society there is a cowboy looking for his the Tops you can help and entertainer find more acts for his show.......there are some others but i havent gotten in to getting rep on The Strip yet. ^_____^
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