Question from brentsonier

Asked: 4 years ago

.50 Cal ??

Ok i've read about the anti material rifle but im not seeing it at Gun Runners. Do i have to be a certain level? Are there any other .50 cal guns in the game?

Additional details - 4 years ago

Thats weird cause i'm lvl 14 rite now and i was just at Gun Runners lookin 4 it when i posted this question.

Additional details - 4 years ago

Ok thx everyone.

Accepted Answer

From: mrstilwater 4 years ago

Try waiting 2-3 days, the store will take out anything youve sold, replenish vendorbots caps to like 8000 and a fresh set of weapons and mods...

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You have to be lvl14 or higher to see it, ann i'm not aware of any other .50 cal guns in the game

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When I first saw that rifle I was like level 18, but on the fallout wiki it says it first appears at 14. So if you are 14 just keep checking back at the Gun Runners untill their inventory refreshes.

And I believe this is the only gun that uses .50 cal ammo.

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