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How do i solve the virus problem in the brotherhood of steel mission?

All i seem to be doing is running arround to different terminals trying to locate this virus. I have islolated 3 terminals but i cant get the rest. what am i doing wrong?

SuperSilver420 asked for clarification:

I'm having the same problem. I've got it isolated on 3 terminals but it no longer shows up on any more and Scribe Ibsen just keeps telling me to locate the terminal that it has jumped to. But, as I said, I check every single terminal and it's not on a single one. What's the deal?

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TheLoneOutsider answered:

One word, Patience. It is a trial and error mission, it may take you a while to complete. Each time you start the search, the virus is randomised to different consoles, so just becuse it wasnt on terminal 1 the first time doesnt mean it wont be there on your second attempt
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Suspence808 answered:

i did it my first try, so i didn't get a chance to try and find a pattern. i just hit up 5 computers and 3 of them had the virus on it. I guess all i can say is look for the computers that have actual words on it, and try and start in the middle, seems to be the easiest to move to and from.
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Corruption_Vash answered:

1. Tell Scribe Ibsen you'd like to try isolating the virus. This will initiate the attempt. After the "attempt", which is basically the time limit Ibsen tells you the virus idles until it jumps again, you will need to prompt Ibsen to try to isolate the virus again via dialogue.
2. Run from terminal to terminal, activating each one. If you try to look up any of the archive's files, you will either get a scrambled line of letters, or a sentence mocking you in your search to isolate the virus. The latter is something along the lines of, "Found the other 2 yet?" or rather that's the gist of it, I forget.
3. If you have successfully isolated all three terminals, return to Ibsen. You will have purged the virus from this point on, allowing you to look at the archives.
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yamihadeze answered:

There is a glitch in that mission making it impossible to beat when it occurs, they will probably solve it in a patch at some point.
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Tanaka_Hucast answered:

Just to add a little bit:

1: I'm on my second playthrough with terminals being different each time and more importantly virus ending up on a terminal checked during 2 (see below)

2: you don't need to get them all in one go, both playthroughs I've had to take multiple runs with one terminal per run top found. It's random where it ends up so just persevere and you'll get them
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