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Where can I find an dress for Veronica?

My character is a male n i got diz companion called Veronica and her goal is to get a dress i was wondering where can i find 1 if i have an male character and i dnt want 2 kill some1

napalm_25 provided additional details:

The dress is called formal wear were can i find it?

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Pyschoweirdo answered:

You can find formal wear by killing and looting the bodies of members of the white glove society in the ultralux casino in the strip.
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AM_Rifle answered:

You can get it from the White Glove Society in the 2nd area of The Strip. you can either start their quest (which is a somewhat disturbing one) in order to get a free formal dress. Or you can simply kill a member and risk gaining an ally if youre trying to complete "wild card" or "the house always wins".
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