Question from Decimulisha

Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I Mr cuddles(boomer teddy)?

At nellis airbase, one of the little girls asks you to find her teddy. i looked for about an hour and couldnt find it. Wat you get for finding it and is it worth it

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@lapp1e84 which Metal crates there are thousands

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From: lapp1e84 4 years ago

in the hangar with jack and loyal. When you enter hangar go right to back wall where there is a small seating area. The crates youre looking for are the closest ones to this area. He is just at the front of crates on the floor . Ya get boomers fame when you find and return him

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idk what you get from it, but a legionaire(sp?) in cesear(sp?)'s camp has the teddy. Youd have to go all rambo on the camp tho.

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In the nellis hangar among the large metal crates.

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