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Asked: 4 years ago

ED-E Upgrade?

I'm on the quests to upgrade ED-E, but some mole rats killed Lady Gibson, can i still complete the quest?

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From: Gannon_34 4 years ago

I believe so, if she was absolutely necessary her death would have failed the mission, if i remember right she simply provides a voice cue about Helios 1 you can also get at the plant.

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Talk to Mr Fantastic with ED-E present.

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You can talk to michael angelo at the strip or doctor in jacobstown then wait 9 days before speaking to ignacio in helios 1 to receive further details.

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I did the quest without talking to micheal angleo, old lady gibson, and hellos 1

just need supplies, high science/repair skill

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I meant you need supplies OR a medium science skill OR repair skill

I also did the quest without using the jacobstown doc

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