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Where is the Enclave?

I've seen special enclave armor that was shown in the game and I am pretty sure you encounter them somewhere but I have no idea where can I get some help about them?

DesolationUSA asked for clarification:

Went to 'Cannibal Johnson's Cave' Only thing there is an old man and an enclave foot locker. As for Remnant's Bunker anyone know where to get the pass key?

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Exceltron answered:

You can find the armor and helmet, but first u follow Themayor2617, find the helmet and take it. then go to lucky jims mine, there you swim across the river and you will find an un-named area called Deathclaw promontory, there would be a dozen of deathclaw, some DC mother and a DC alpha male.
ONLY AFTER OBTAINING THE HELMET IN SILVER PEAK MINE, you could find 2 dead prospector somewhere at deathclaw promontory, these prospector have some laser rifles, brotherhood 51 armor+helm, and the enclave power armor...

as for cannibal johnson, i think he was somehow related to Arcade Gannon, who was an Enclave, he has an armor and will give it to you if you gain his trust and told him not to join the fight for Hoover Dam...


please forgive my bad english...
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iceman922 answered:

There are no enclave enemies in the game.
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themayor2617 answered:

I know for a fact there is enclave in this game, they are rare tho. I have found one of their helmets in silver peak mine not far from jacobstown. If anyone knows where their base please respond to this. The book says you can get them to aid you in hoover dam fight so.
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StrongoFYB answered:

They're in the Remnant's Bunker near Silver peak mine. Look for "Cannibal Johnson's Cave" near Vault 34 as well.
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recca1821 answered:

This video shows you how to find it:

Hope this helps
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Xxfirebird95xX answered:

The enclave were destroyed and the only people that remain are there remnents.....poor ol' enclave shoulda stopped there trechery.... (caution for people who want to find this out on there own) there is a quest in the game that will alow you to get these remnents to help you. not sure how the quest name is spelled so i wont try, but to get it you need to get arcade gannon at the old mormon fort on your team, then take him to the crashed virtibird site and he will talk to you. then take him to repconn and he should talk to you there. after you get to the point that you know what faction your going to join he will talk to you and tell you to pretty much round up his old buddies. once you have done that you will get the password to the remnents bunker.MAKE SURE TO TELL ARCADE NOT TO FIGHT AT HOOVER DAMN!!! because he will give you (drum roll) tesla armor (wewt) when you leave the bunker (make sure you have a speech of 80 before doing this because someone may end up dead)
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Xxfirebird95xX answered:

(Add on to what i said before) and you will get the armor that exceltron is talking about from doing that quest as well and power armor training
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fallrim3 answered:

there is no Enclave the helmet you found was a Easter egg armor set part if i am correct the armor is nice and if u dont want it sell it
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mutigerfan1 answered:

First of all, you need Arcade Gannon. Go to Van Graffs, Then Camp Mccarran, Then you get a quest to recruit The Renmants. Then you get to choose who to help out at Hoover Dam. If you do NCR, Orion Moreno will try to kill you. Kill him. Take his armor. Then you recieve power armor training from one of the Renmants.
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