Question from TheOnlyApollo

Can't open Hidden Valley Bunker L1 ?

picked the Very Hard lock. Door to Hidden Valley bunker L1 is locked and requires key. :/ Where's the key, or is this just a bad glitch?


Twiztid_Ninajlo answered:

Are you there just exploring? I got there by a quest, as soon as I walk in i'm taken prisoner by the brotherhood.
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DelandSIV answered:

Your best choice is to pickup Veronica from the highway 15 trading post.
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StrongoFYB answered:

You're in the wrong bunker, there are a couple decoy ones. Check your local map in your pip boy and you'll see there are in fact two entrances.
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gooshyboy78 answered:

Or you can find one of the brotherhood of steel paladins corpse and take the holotape that will also allow you entrance.

Brotherhood of Steel Paladin Corpse Location:
In a radioactive crater on your way up to black mountain
On the 3rd floor of repconn headquarters
And outside of Nellis Air Force Base
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yoshi09 answered:

The way I got in was having Veronica as a companion, later on she said she wanted to return to the Brotherhood of Steel. After that you get a quest which goes to the hidden valley bunker. you have to talk into the intercom and then they'll let you live
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