Question from ashleighpowers

Where can I find the key to the abandoned brotherhood of steal bunker?

I'm trying to get into the abandoned brotherhood of steal bunker but I can't find the key! Can someone help me to find out how to get the key?


Luigi_316 answered:

There is more then one bunker entrance, one entrence does not Require a key, this is where you meet the brotherhood, most members have the key on them.
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blfkakarot911 answered:

Dont know wat Luigi_316 is talking about but there is no way in, as far as I have heard.???? I could be wrong
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blfkakarot911 answered:

I found out that in order to get in there u would need to clear your cache and then have Veronica Renata Santangelo at 188 trading post with u when u go there and it will be unlocked for u. But if you save the game inside and update it u will be stuck in there.

There's not much in there, only a dean electronics book and misc items in desks and cabinets.
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aurongurdian answered:

Its because of the patch. Im sure theyll repatch it soon so that we get a key or its unlocked.
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Jokun999 answered:

Latest patch was released days ago. Still can't get in the place. (still showing message of key required to open)
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dreamforlife answered:

you cant go in it is for the dead money DLC
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