Question from lildwayne09

How can i get the pass phrase for the remnnats bunker?

I can go in the bunker then it seys you need a pass phrase?


Bobs2010 answered:

I believe you need the Doctor called Arcade from the Mormon fort in the outskirts of New Vegas. Have him as a companion and you will gain his side quest after talking to him somewhat.
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recca1821 answered:

Bobs2010 is kinda right but he will only give you the side quest near the end of the game.
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blfkakarot911 answered:


Both the guys above are right, in order to get the bunker open u have to get to the part where u have to destroy Mr House for either NCR or Legion or installing Yes Man (like I did).

1. U have to have Arcade with u when u visit (vertibird, repconn hq, fort, van graffs).
2. Once he has talk to u for each of these u r 100% guaranteed to get the quest.

I did the above steps and installed Yes Man after killing House for the NCR (Arcade was with me, but in the casino), when I finished and told him to follow he came and talked to me and that started the quest.

Follow this quest to find the ex-enclave remnants, each of which have part of the pass-phrase. Once all have talked and agreed to join then the bunker is then able to open.
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Tommywx answered:

The code is

"Dear Old Friends We Miss Nevarro *Nevada*
Activate For Aude Lang Syne
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Razer1313 answered:

*the code is*
Dont you hhave to get that questfor you to get in there weather "you" the player know it or not?
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