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Abandoned Brotherhood of Steel bunker ?

How do i get inn ? it says that i need a key to open it, but were do i get it

TEI90 provided additional details:

I know of that key, that is for the bos safehouse.

Regulus99 asked for clarification:

To make this a clear question, this is the Abandoned BOS bunker located southeast of camp forlorn hope, not the hidden valley bunker or safe house.

TEI90 provided additional details:

Regulus99 is right, thats the bunker i am talking about...
I have a good releations with bos and have done Still in the dark quest, got the key for the safehouse (I never use it.. have a crib at Novac)

TEI90 provided additional details:

PartimeJudas you are think`in on the bos safehouse !
I am thinking on the ABANDON BOS bunker, south east from camp forlorn hope

Chuchkill27 asked for clarification:

Everybody, there's an ABANDONED BUNKER not safehouse, that requires a key . It's north east of Nelson

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jeperty answered:

The abandoned bunker can't be opened unless you have Dead Money DLC, as far as I know. The key is non-existent as far as I know. (Source Fallout New Vegas wiki)
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kingk159 answered:

You have to complete Still in the Dark to get the BOS bunker key from Elder
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jbmp121 answered:

how ex-actually do i get the key for the abandoned BoS bunker
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notdisruptive13 answered:

They automatically let you in when you first find them. You might be in the wrong bunker.
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PartimeJudas answered:

After completing Still in the Dark BoS quest, completely leave and return to the BoS bunker. The elder should give it to you.
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Tommywx answered:

Iv been to BoS bunker and i just went in its empty with a couple of beds i dont even have dead money
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sarevokmb answered:

You can only get in if you have Dead Money or if you have the PC version (press the ~ key, then click the hatch and type "unlock" without the parentheses).
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kenn258 answered:

Two words: DEAD MONEY
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