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Modding Unique Weapon?

Are there any Unique weapon you can mod?
I tried my "Maria"... Sadly you can't...

BRANTLY_75 asked for clarification:

There are some unique weapons that have modifications on them, but you can't install ANY weapon mods to ANY unique weapon.

Dreadsword101 gave the best and most accurate answer.

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Dreadsword101 answered:

ALL unique weapons are impossible to mod. The only guns you can mod are regular ones and the ones that actually have mods for them in the first place.
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p34nutbutter answered:

I'v only seen 1 or 2 unique wepons modded....The weatherd 10mm but that just did somthing bad by putting a red box around u so u cant see (u can only get the weatherd 10mm if u pre order it) it still can fire but u cant see anything.. The other is the plasma caster... I'v only seen one of them so idk if its unique but i got a mod for it.( I got it after killing everyone in the silver rush... i think one of the gards has it).
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bestatfallin answered:

Unique weapons are un-moddable. The deal with the wheathered 10mm is that there's only one version of the gun. when you add a scope to a 9mm, you can actually see the scope attachment, not with this because it's not supposed to be able to be modded. plasma caster is not unique. part of them being unique is that they might already have mods, the varmint rifle, "Ratslayer" has a scope, silencer, and extended mags
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