Question from Zee_AzN_Blood

where to get Mantis Eggs?

Is there anywhere else to find Giant Mantis Eggs other than vault 22? Becuz i've been there n sold the Egg due to not knowing the eggs were quest items.

Zee_AzN_Blood provided additional details:

thx but i said OTHER THAN VAULT 22!!

Accepted Answer

Greyslayer1976 answered:

There are quite a few around Spring Mt. Ranch State Park. Save before killing any of them. Keep reloading and killing if they don't drop an egg.
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pwnater777 answered:

Inside of Vault 22
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JupiterRex answered:

You can also try the Goodsprings Schoolhouse where you find the Xander Root for the tutorial. There are Mantis Nymphs inside and a Mantis Ootheca or two where you may be able to find some eggs.
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