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What is a Deathclaw?

I've seen and fought them before, but to me they look like demons. I was having this discussion with my friends, because I can see how all the other wildlife got to be the way they are, but where did Deathclaw's come from?

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bestatfallin answered:

the origin of the super mutants is handled in the original Fallout, they were led and created by The Master, who was the main villain in that game. And if i remember correctly, the deathclaws were actually "engineered weapons" created by the, um, enclave. go here, lotsa answers
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Zee_AzN_Blood answered:

super mutation? splicing experiment like the nightstalker? Now i didnt finish the game but do they even go into detail about how the super mutant were created or who leads/created them?
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ruffnv15 answered:

Yes the fallout wiki is a very reliable source, i have never had a wrong answer from them.
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