Question from fuses453

Hey i need help finding the desert ranger armor you know the guy on the case on fallout new vegas?

Red gogglish eyes,helmet/mask,trench coat all black armor and has a revolver.


1949tcr answered:

That would be the elite ranger combat armour..You won't see then until a certain level..They should spawn at camp Golf & Hover damn..Also camp Delta.. They are hard to kill,so have some xtra stimpaks with you.
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moggyzoom answered:

They also appear at camp folorn hope .i find the easiest way is to kill them by sticking a c4 behind them in the guard tower go and hide and detonate then collect the goodies (it helps if you hide under the tower then you can see where they land... there are four towers so wait a few days and they respawn kill em again.

and kill the school marm who wont let youpost without the proper grammer!!!
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ramdomination answered:

What i did was go to one of the ranger stations near the river and found a few of the rangers walking around the place so i used the glitch for the incindary rounds in my anti material rifle to kill him note:the glitch where the rounds are equiped and you go intoVATS and out agian without fireing.He will randomly burst into flames.
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ryuujinn answered:

Get all the patches for the game, then get "Liked" by the NCR. The guy in charge at Camp McCarran will give you a key to the NCR Safehouse. You'll find the armor and a matching helmet inside, though you'll need to get them repaired by a merchant, unless you have the Jury Rigging perk.
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Rogu_Dingo answered:

Since you haven't closed this question, I'll say you can also get Desert Combat Armor (a slightly better variant) in the Honest Hearts expansion.
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BlackDragonXP answered:

if you dont want the NCR hating you you can get idolized by the NCR and go talk to colonel Hsu at camp mccarran, hell give you a safehouse key the armor should be inside,and the magnum do the quests for Reyes at forlorn hope and tell chief hanlon youre gonna turn him in and when he is done with his speech run in and get the magnum from beside him.
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