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does anybody know how to hack Not a computer on the game but the game itself so I can have fun modding? if not just tell me later on this year or when ever

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Well thanks for answering my question whether it was in not the best of contexts but still thanks...***


Dreadsword101 answered:

First, this is a 360 section. Not a PC section. So... why the **** are you here and not in the PC section of this website that I'm 100% precent sure this game has.

Anyway, you can download mods/hacks. Just search Google (Watch for viruses and other dangerous stuff. Alot of website that say they have hacks/mods for a game tend to have these).

You can also just use the console commands.

If you mean hacking a 360... you can always try J-tagging it. Just make sure you don't mind being banned from Xbox Live from J-tagging.

ht tp://
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bestatfallin answered:

google around and look for the G.E.C.K., its the construction set they used to make the game, should be free to download, with tons of websites with how to's and support and ideas and everything. so try google searching "fallout nv G.E.C.K."
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bestatfallin answered:

O, forgot to add, the console commands will give you basic cheat stuf, unlimited health and ammo, infinite vats, things like that, while with the GECK you can actually create your own content to an extent.
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