Question from shadowreaper6

What is everything i can get addicted to?

I want to know what i can get addicted to (a list would be very nice)

Accepted Answer

pyromite answered:

All kinds of alcohol falls under one addiction. There's no beer addiction and vodka addiction, just alcohol.

Ant Nectar, Psycho, Jet, Mentats, Med-X, Hydra, Turbo, Steady... Anything that's got a needle on it (that's not a StimPack or RadAway/Rad-X) is a chem you can get addicted to.
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Reaver1990 answered:

Chems- Psycho Jet Mentats Med-X Hydra Turbo Steady Alcohol- Vodka Whiskey Scotch Wine. Thats about it.
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BossWaffles answered:

You Can get addicted to everything except RadAway, and Rad-X.
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