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How do you get the key to open a set of doors in sunset sarsaparilla headquarters?

On the second floor of the Sarsaparilla HQ I have found a room with a safe and in front of the safe is a hole that goes down to the first floor. I went down the hole and walked down the hall opened a door and then down the hall a little further is a set of double doors and it requires a key to open them. I can't find the key in the sarsaparilla hq and was wondering if you find the key somewhere else.

Accepted Answer

GateCaptain answered:

You need to get 50 Sunset special caps and then talk to the Festus NPC guy near the door and go thru all that talking stuff, and he will give you a key and ask you to go there. Check the Dead guy for a awesome weapon, theres caps in the crates also.
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