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Where is the 5th body in vault 11?

When u enter vault 11, there are 4 bodies on the ground. After searching the whole vault and listening to all to holotapes and reading all the notes, you find out about the thing with sending the overseer to die each year. Then 5 people kill everyone else and the vautl tells them they can leave. Instead of leaving they decide to kill themselves. BUT, there are only 4 bodies, not 5. Where is the 5th body, a guy named Harry. You hear him on the holotape. Is he part of another quest or a random encounter later on. Or is this just a mistake by Bethesda.


neardeath2 answered:

That happened in the game a long time ago so he would be dead plus it wouldnt matter anyways the only reason vault 11 is important is that there is something in there that is important for the Bos in hidden valley and I think also for Caesar.
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aaron11219 answered:

No its no mistake, bethesda didn't intend on you finding the vault 11 sole survivor at all, its just part of the story of what happened in vault 11.
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