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Camp Searchlight?

How do I get into the police station and fire station? I think I killed the people that give you the keys to those places.

neardeath2 provided additional details:

I killed those guys and I still didnt find the keys

neardeath2 provided additional details:

The safe at the NCR storage in the church didnt have the keys and the prospectors didnt have the keys on them when I killed them (I didnt know they gave you those keys later on). So will i find those keys or should I just give up.

Accepted Answer

Black_Jak answered:

There are some prospectors in a storage cellar in the ruins of the church. I smoked them and they had keys.


Beware though, in the firehouse is a rad-scorpion queen. It's huge.
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bestatfallin answered:

I think maybe you need to do the first part of the quest and bring them the rad suits first, then the keys will be in they're inventory
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stregenth answered:

Hmm, I'm pretty sure under the church there is a key in the safe it is 60 science or lockpick. Hope I helped :d
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